Welcome to Netz Barrierefrei Accessibility Consulting & Training

My name is Domingos de Oliveira. I offer training, testing and consulting in web accessibility since 2010.

I work on a project basis with a team of other freelancers, so you will often find the "we" in the service description. in the area of digital and technical accessibility.

In the field of accessible PDF, accessible web and software development we cooperate with the accessibility consulting company Silta. You are welcome to contact them directly. Through our cooperation we can provide a wide range of services.

Our first focus is on training and sensitization of accessibility managers.

Furthermore we make documents and PDFs accessible. We work with institutions directly as well as with design service providers.

Our third focus is project support and consulting in accessibility issues. Would you like to implement a digital accessibility project in your organization or for a client, implement accessibility quality assurance measures, or need advice? Then feel free to contact us. We provide advice primarily in the conception phase and answer questions from developers, graphic designers, and other responsible parties in the development phase. Consultations are also possible online at short notice. Silta also has skills in accessible software development.

You want to check if your apps, programs or digital products are accessible? We can gladly take over the testing for accessibility.

Digital accessibility is not just an issue for disabled persons. In fact, many persons benefit from accessible content that you wouldn't even consider disabled and may not have on your radar. These include, for example, functional illiterates, technology-illiterate persons, or persons with cognitive disabilities. Properly understood, we all benefit, you, me, and your grandfather. You don't believe that? Then we'll be happy to convince you in person.

Note: Since I am employed myself, the Silta company handles all of our accessibility services. Feel free to inquire directly there. Silta has many years of experience with digital accessibility on the web and in PDF. They speak and write English fluently.

More diversity on accessibility stages

Have you ever noticed that hardly any disabled people and rarely women make it onto the stage at accessibility events? As a rule, it is far above average non-disabled men who give lectures. We find this discriminatory. You too? Then contact the organizers. There are enough women and disabled people who can speak as experts. The organizers are simply too comfortable and, as is so often the case, the men are not willing to give up their seats or at least share them. If the organizers do not change their attitude, then you should boycott these events. Accessibility should also be inclusive and diverse.