How to introduce Accessibility in the Company

In particular, getting started or making the switch to accessibility can be difficult. As with so many projects, it makes sense not to take all the steps at the same time, but to set priorities and think long-term.

For businesses with high customer traffic, the priority may be to make the business premises accessible. This can be a tidy investment, but it is also economically worthwhile. If you are primarily involved in e-commerce, it is worth adapting your website and communication. On the other hand, if you communicate primarily via printed brochures or magazines, this is the first construction site you should tackle.

It always starts with an inventory, for example with the Maturity Model: where are the strengths and where are the problems with accessibility? Based on this, concrete work steps can be designed. This can include, for example:

  • What needs to be done to make the product accessible?
  • Which aspects are important and which are less important?
  • If we have know-how in-house, we can build it up promptly or do we have to buy it externally

The priority square can be used as a basis for prioritizing work steps.

  1. What is inexpensive and profitable?
  2. What is expensive but profitable?
  3. What is inexpensive and not very profitable?
  4. 4. What is expensive and not profitable?

What ends up in the first two quadrants should be prioritized. It should be borne in mind that investments in the building stock or in the know-how of the employees can only pay off after a few years. But that can change suddenly as soon as you have disabled employees, new laws are passed or you are sued by a disabled person for lack of accessibility.

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